Wednesday, August 26, 2009

67 Days to NYC

Big mistake #1: So I am going to NY on vacation this week and am going to miss my Friday long run so I decided to move it to Tuesday. I thought that it would have been enough time to recover from my last long run last Friday. Not so.

Big mistake #2: So I decided to try a new course and run to my school (work...I am a teacher) and back as it is an almost perfect 20k (about 12 miles). Didn't think about the THREE sets of ginormous hills along the way, especially the largest one in the 2nd last mile.

The best thing I can say about today's run is that I gave it my all. At the end, I was tired and hurting and to me that means that I ran my hardest the whole time. And I didn't give up, even though I felt my emergency bus fare burning a hole in my pocket the whole time.



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