Tuesday, August 25, 2009

68 Days to NYC

Well, the battery on my Nike+ thingy ran out so I am taking this as a sign from above to not be so structured (after all, I am a recreational runner) and just run, like Billy said two days earlier. So I just ran. And I felt great! I ended up running almost 5 miles. I didn't stop because I was too tired, I stopped because I was too thirsty. Overall, felt great!

Once again, my life is not conducive to cooking today. Got tickets from my sister, Sari, for the baseball game so I took Maya and we ate there. Note: do not eat the burgers at The Dome. Yuck! Although the free warm chipotle sauce was great on the fries. I am thinking that next game, I should just stick to the traditional ballpark dinner: a hot dog.

No time. Not one single second. Sorry...

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