Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 7

Cross-train day. Had visions of water-aerobics and weight training but settled for going for two long walks (one legit...walked with Maya and Charlotte the dog to Maya's friend's house and then home..almost. Len picked me up at the end. And one not so legit-walked to and from the restaurant where I ate...see below)

...a deep-fried buffalo chicken wrap. SO NOT WORTH IT! FYI, when a place advertises that they make good wings, stick to the wings. The rest is menu filler. Also had one of the worst frou-frou girltinis (a word I just made up--a girly martini), sort of warm, expensive and no buzz whatsoever. All in all, a high calorie, high fat, hight carb, high sugar meal that was totally not worth it.

Love the One You're With was totally what I needed. Read it in just over a day. Sometimes you just need a sappy love story. My only complaint is that the publishing co/author took the book a little too seriously and put book club questions in the back. To me, that is the equivalent of putting book club questions at the back of an Archie comic.

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