Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 5

Five miles..plus. Almost back to the 6-7 miles I was doing a few weeks ago before I was rudely interrupted by life. Felt good. Did a little more walking in the first half than I was expecting but it was worth it...and I made up for it by running a little longer at the end.

Once again, did not cook, unless you count the expert mixing of cereals for breakfast: brown sugar miniwheats & sugar smacksut Went out for dinner for my niece, Alexis's birthday. Yummy Chicken Cacciatore followed by a nice, light dessert--NY-style cheesecake. Went to sleep feeling sloth-like.

Not quite relaxed enough to read a heavy book yet as evident by the 5 times I reread the first few pages of What is What. Put it next to my bed so that I at least look intelligent and picked up some chick lit instead: Love the One You're With.

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