Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 26

5 glorious miles is the best running weather: pouring rain. I love running in the rain. I love my feet splashing in the puddles. I don't get too hot or too dehydrated and don't feel the sting of sweat in my eyes. And when I am done, I feel like I have accomplished something. I feel strong and confident because I did something that most people wouldn't.

Cooked from the freezer & pantry tonight: 1/2 a can of tomato sauce I froze & 1/2 a lb of ground beef I had left over. Made a quick pasta bolognese using the remains of 3 different shaped pasta noodles I had. Meh. Just proved to me that fresh ingredients are always best. I don't even want to bother leaving the recipe because it was just dinner. Nothing remarkable.

What was worth writing home (or a blog) about, though, is the gelato at Hollywood Gelato on Bayview. If you get the chance & it is available (it hardly ever is), get the 2 flavor combination of blood orange & chocolate. So good.

Well, I didn't read any emails. That's for sure. My summer course is over (yeah!) More Ten Year Nap. Something good is going to happen soon. I can feel it.

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