Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 23

4 Miles with Roz. Like Tuesdays with Morrie except not at all. I warned Roz at the beginning of the run that my allergies and asthma were really bad that day (I know...I am making myself sound really attractive here) so we would have to take it a little slow. Yeah, right! We just kept speeding up until I couldn't take it anymore and beg her to slow down. And then the whole thing would start all over again. I always thought that I just liked running alone, but now I know that training with another runner challenges me to become a better runner. I did run a few times with a running buddy a few years back but I think back then I was intimidated by the challenge of running with her (she is an amazing runner who just qualified for Boston) but in retrospect, I wish I would have stuck with it; I would have learned a lot from her.

So all day I was wanting to make this Fajita pizza thing using leftover beef tenderloin but I knew that Maya wouldn't like it because of the onions and peppers so then I thought I should make something else. But she ended up having a playdate with a friend after camp and would not be home for dinner. I took this as a sign from above to make the fajita pizza (ok... maybe not a sign from above...just a happy coincidence.) Either was, it was so yummy, so easy, and so pretty...not the adjective men who eat fajita pizzas will admit to but whatevs.

Leftover Steak Fajita Pizza
1 large premade pizza crust, or as I prefer, 2 pre-made naans (I like the President's Choice ones from Loblaws), or something else like that that you like.

Heat 1 tbsp canola oil in a pan. Throw 1/2 a thinly-sliced onion and 1/2 a pepper (red or green or both) cut into thin strip into the pan. Let cook, stirring once in a while, over low heat until onions are carmelized, about 15 min. If the onions are getting too dark or crispy, turn down the heat. Let cool when done.While this is going on, do the rest:

Preheat the oven to 350
Cut the leftover steak (or chicken) into strips
Dice one tomato, discarding the seeds
Cut about two cups of romaine lettuce (or something like it) into thin strips
Sprinkle about 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar over the naan (which should be on a foil-covered cookie sheet... not that I need to tell you that) It can be a spicy cheese blend if you like spice.
Put the steak and onions and pepper mixture on top of the cheese, try to make it look pretty...or at least try to distribute it evenly.
Pop in the oven until the cheese is melted, about 5-6 minutes or so.
When it comes out of the over, cut into 4 equal pieces, or whatever number of pieces you need to feed the troops.
Put each one on the plate and add a dollop of sour cream in the middle and then sprinke some lettuce on top of that and then some tomatoes on top of that.

Now way into The Ten Year nap. There are a few reasons I (we) choose books; one of those reasons is because we think we can relate to the book. That is why I chose to read this book. However, what then ends up happening is that I identify with the book so much, that I feel self-conscious even reading it. I do not wish to go into detail at this point; I am sure you can relate; whether it is identifying with the bully in Egghead, which one of my students was brave enough to talk to our class about, to, understanding the euphoric feeling you get from finding the perfect shoes as described in Confessions of a Shopaholic and almost feel like crying tears of joy when you realize there are more out there like you.

PS. To the makeup lady at Shoppers who asked me if I was a model because I looked like the girl on the hair colour box, and the cashier at Stockyard Smokehouse, who asked me if I was the host of a show on the cooking network: Thanks, you made my day!

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