Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 2

Ran 4 miles. Not bad. Still having chest pain but take walk breaks once in a while under the guise of "fixing my ponytail." Finished up at the EASTSIDE Starbucks, but alas, they were out of lemonade for my black-tea-half-sweet-lemonade that I almost always get at the end of a run.

Not a good cooking day. Not a cooking day at all, in fact (unless you count Goober Grape PB & J on toast). Had one of my favorite guilty pleasure dinners: buttered popcorn (layered) intermingled with chocolate raisins. This meal was consumed at the movie The Hangover which is very funny and what I can only describe as the quintessential equivalent of a chick flick. Too much laughing; chest hurt a lot when I left.

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