Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 19

4 Miles. 4 long, terrible miles. It was like I had it the wall at the last 10k of a marathon when your body just doesn't want to run anymore. Running does release stress, but sometimes I am just so stressed thinking about all things I am going to have to think about when I am not running, that my body just doesn't want to run and wants to get on with real life. That is when I have to turn the volume up real loud on my Ipod and listen to something hardcore that forces me to get into a good rhythm, like Shake by the Ying Yang twins. Either that or a great sing a long song and actually sing a long (or in some cases, dance along), such as When You're Gone by Bryan Adams and Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite. These songs will (almost) always make your forget and just get into the moment. Although, you may want to be on a sparsely populated route for these songs (and not Ave. Rd., like I was running on...) The highlight of this stinky run was that at the end when I got my smoothie from Starbucks, I found out that mango could be substituted for the banana and it actually ended up costing me less! Thank goodness for small smiles.

Made my special Mexican mish-mash dip for my weekly pool party this afternoon. Too bad it was just me and Daniella (not too bad it was Daniella! She's great!) because she does not eat dairy and I was forced to eat all the dip myself. But it is healthy (and sooooo delicious... it is always requested and gobbled up at my summer parties) I stress that this is a summer dip because it is all fresh ingredients and tastes 100% better in the summer when the ingredients are in season.

This dip needs to be started the day before (or at least 4-6 hours before) but since it is for a party and you know when you are having a party, it should not be a problem.

Day before (or in the morning): Drain the liquid from 1 cup of low-fat plain yogurt by putting it in a coffee filter on top of a small colander and then in a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge. Most of the liquid will drain away and you will be left with a thick yogurt cheese. This is a great healthy substitute for sour cream and even cream cheese, if you drain it enough.

2 hours before:
Take one avocado and scoop the contents into a bowl and mash until just chunky.
Chop one medium into pretty tiny chunks. Make sure you remove the seeds before you cut it. They make the dip watery and are bitter.
Combine the avocado, tomato, yogurt cheese in a bowl along with 1/4 cup finely chopped flat-leaf parsley (this really should be cilantro, but I HATE cilantro), less than 1/2 the juice and rind from a small lime, a few shakes of chipotle hot sauce and sea salt (to taste for both). Mix well and taste. Adjust seasonings as needed. Let rest in the fridge covered for a couple hours and then mix and taste again and adjust seasonings again. And taste again. And again. And then stop tasting and serve to your guests along with nacho or pita chips or veggies or whatever you want.

PS. This is pretty low carb & all healthy fats from the avocado. Lam, you can eat this one!

Started reading The 10 Year Nap but before I could get really into it, Daniella came over and I was forced to read trashy gossip magazine. Ok, truthfully, I bought the magazines in anticipation of Daniella coming over and I read most of them before she came over, but I firmly believe that the pop culture in these magazine is just as valid as fine literature. After all, Great Expectations started off as pop culture, as a a serial in magazines....

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  1. The Chinese BubbieJuly 17, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Gee thanks, a veggie dip... I'm still waiting for the lemon curd squares recipe. :) Actually, the dip does sound yummy and I'll try it when I'm on Phase 3 (might be a while yet though; I'm still on Phase 1). BTW I emailed you but I keep getting 'delivery status notification failure'. Is your email working?