Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 17

3.12 miles uphill. Ok, so not all of it was uphill but i tried to make it as uphill as possible. Why? Because I am better than just 3.12 miles but since I am committed to the training program laid out to meet my specific needs, I am trying to challenge myself as much as possible. That, and the more calories I burn, the more unhealthy food I can eat (one of the benefits of being a recreational marathon runner). So I have to say that as I write this, I am so stressed out with all of the work for my on-line course from HELL I have to do but (Online instructor, if you are reading this, please note: YOU ARE GIVING WAY TO MUCH WORK!!!! I have done 5 other courses and I have never had this much work. Anyways, I regress....) thinking about the calm I feel when running, when getting into the groove of a good rhythm, even going uphill, is enough to calm me down a little. It is something that no other form of exercise can do for me because I am so focused on being in the moment that everything else goes away. I always do my best thinking when running. Now if I can only get into the in the moment thinking all the time.

Enough heavy thoughts for now. Some observations I made while running yesterday:
1. The city is remarkable clean considering there has been a garbage strike for over 3 weeks. I think it is great how the citizens of the city have come together to help each other out and not let this strike paralyze us.
2. If the police are going to make it illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone, perhaps they should look at making other drive and (fill in the blank) illegal too. Yesterday, I saw a guy with a smoke hanging out of his mouth and the ash dangerously long, writing in his journal while his vehicle was in motion! Are you kidding me? Also, gross men who honk at unsuspecting runners should be ticketed. It causes havoc for those drivers around them who think they are being honked at. And it is annoying and demeaning to us runners (although I have to admit that when I don't get honked at, I mix in a salad for the next day or two)

Bbq'ed chicken and the best little potatoes.

Cayla's recipe for the best little potatoes:
Get little potatoes about the size of a baby's fist. Boil until almost done but still firm, about 15 min. Chop up about a cup of broccoli and throw in the boiling water for the last 3 minutes or so. Drain in a colander so that you don't lose all the broccoli. Let cool & cut in half....the potatoes, that is. Scoop out some of the flesh so that there is a little hole but still a lot of potato. Fill will the chopped broccoli & put them close together on a cookie sheet covered in tin foil. Sprinkle the tops generously with shredded cheddar cheese. Put the in the oven (or better yet, a low bbq to get a delicious smokey flavour) until the cheese just melts or it will drip off the potatoes and look gross. Serve immediately. Looks so pretty and tastes so yummy!

PS. Keep the scooped out plain potato & leftover broccoli for your picky eaters who like their food plain and not "touching" anything else. Not my kids, of course....

Finished Mr. Pip. There was a couple of major shocks 3/4 of the way through the book that literally made me suck in my breath and get teary-eyed. I was afraid to read on because I couldn't believe what just happened. I love when books shock me like that and the author is brave enough to take the story, the reader, into such crazy territory. I also love that this book, since it was written with young adults in mind, explains what you are reading, so to speak. A few times while I was reading, I would form an opinion or make a conclusion about something I had just read and then soon after, the book confirmed what I was thinking. I really liked that the author did this because it made me feel that I really understood what he was trying to say.
I was also really impressed how the adult male author was able to tell the story through the eyes of an adolescent girl without resorting to cliches about adolescent girls that authors often do when "trying" to write as that voice.

All in all, I loved this book and highly recommend it if you are looking to read some quality, thought provoking literature but do not have the time or mental energy for a 500 page epic monstrosity. Although those can be good to...

Stay tuned next for The Ten-Year Nap: a cross between chick lit and lit lit (it was on the Indigo "recommended for book clubs" table but that is not why I bought it)

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