Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 16

4.3 miles (to make up for the 300m I was short yesterday. I just can't let it go. You know what they say... you are just fooling yourself). It is so weird how the first 3 miles are always so hard and then it just gets easy after that, whether I am running 4(.3) miles or 42 km. Why is that? Ended up back at the East side Starbucks (ESS) and had the new Strawberry-banana smoothie sans Banana. When I asked for it w/o banana, they all looked so bewildered...I had to repeat it a couple times and explain why. Why is it so weird that I don't like bananas?

The turkey burger from Donald Trump's Mar A Lago as featured on the Oprah show as the best turkey burger ever. And as a close personal friend of Oprah's (I once had a anecdote of mine published in "O" magazine), I felt obliged to try her recipe. Bottom line: it is delicious but almost impossible to prepare on a daily basis without the staff that I am sure both Oprah and Trump have at their disposal. There is so much shopping and prep work that goes into this one that as delicious as it is, I am not sure how often I could make it. And who knew that "Major Greys" chutney was a flavour and not a brand name. Not me (but now you!). My advice: sine this one has to chill for two hours before cooking, make it early in the day when the kids are at camp/school and then at dinner time, all you have to worry about is firing up the grill.

Almost done with Mr. Pip. Much better than I thought. It is a really interesting book that has so much to discuss in terms of morality and escapism and reality and human nature. It is interesting that the message it sends out about escaping reality, both literally and figuratively, when life gets hard is exactly the opposite of Eckhart Tolle's ideas about living in the "now" whatever that "now" is. That is the other book I am reading right now...slowly (it sort of demands that). Too much thinking this week...or is it?


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