Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 14

Nothing. No cross training. No leisurely walks. No sit-ups, push-ups, chin-up, nothing! Don't ask.

Didn't cook anything but ate some of Toronto's finest; two of which are T.dot classics & one that is new on the scene but I expect big things.
Classic #1: Tuna and Egg salad from Daiters on a flagel for breakfast.
New one: Chipotle biscuit with fried egg, back bacon and pepper jack cheddar from School Bakery & Cafe in Liberty village. Seriously good food & seriously cool place. http://www.sbcto.com/
Classic #2: Late night supper at Lee Garden on Spadina. Love the lobster in black bean sauce & spicy garlic string beans (two foods not to eat on a date... unless you are already married & will always be in love even with extreme garlic breath). Love even more how the old Chinese waiter told me he does not even like Chinese food & prefers Italian. I hope this does not get him fired.

A little bit of the newspaper (very little bit...concluded that except for the once a year milk calender issue, will not being buying one of Toronto's papers anymore. It stinks. I much prefer the other one...and I don't mean The Sun or the National Post.) And only a little bit of Mr. Pip, regrettably. Am now at that point that I get to in every book (that I like) where I just get so engrossed in the story that I just have to sit down and not stop reading until I am done.

Maya and I cleaned out her books today and she is going to try and sell them to get money for more books. I love that my children love books as much as me and that at 6 she is already thinking about keeping her favorites for "her little girl" one day.

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