Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 12

Rest day. But did I rest? NO! Well...not at first anyways. Walked to Melmira's to get a new swimsuit wearing my Fitflops-flip flops with a special sole that is supposed to promote more of a workout when simply walking. How did it go? I don't feel like I got a better workout but I did get a giant blister but other than that, my feet felt remarkably well rested considering a walked for over an hour wearing just flip flops.

Planned on making saffron risotto with chicken but ended up at my Mommy's house instead. Had the 1/3lb Roadhouse burgers from Costco. The best frozen burgers around by far. But if you are going to eat one, eat one properly: barbecued with cheese and a fresh bun and not much more. I will go into how to construct the perfect burger in another posting...

Am enjoying Mr. Pip for many reasons, not the least of which is that reading it is like two for the price of one. The premise of the book is that in the middle of civil war, a young girl finds peace and civility though her teacher reading Great Expectations to her. Great Expectations is described with so much depth that is is like reading two books at the same time. I think I like Matilda's (the narrarator of Mr. Pip)interpretation of the book more than my high school english teacher's.

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