Tuesday, July 28, 2009

99 Days to NYC

4 Miles. I think I am the only one who was appreciating the craptastic weather we were having in Toronto this summer. Not too hot...not to humid...a lot of rain...Perfect running weather! Until today; it was humid. I am definitely going to have to start going earlier.

Grilled salmon salad nicoise. My mom took Billy (and Maya) out for a welcome home dinner, so I took this opportunity to make Len and I a healthy and delicious dinner that I know they would never eat. And I know that I always say that it was sooo yummy and pretty, but this one was so pretty, I took a picture (maybe I will start doing that more often).

Grilled Salmon Salad Nicoise:
Put 10 oz of salmon fillet on tin foil & season with s&p. Put a small handful of dill on top of the salmon and put two thin slices of lemon on top of that. Place the tin foil & fish on the bbq over medium low heat until just cooked through.
Boil 1 egg (if you are not sure how, see my post from about a week ago). After that, boil two small potatoes until cooked through but still firm (you don't want it falling apart when you cut it). While potatoes are cooking, wash 1 bunch of spinach & leave in colander to drain. When potatoes are almost cooked, throw in a good handful of green beans for the last 3 minutes. Dump the water, potatoes, and beans over the spinach in the colander; the heat will wilt the spinach just enough.
While the spinach is wilting & the rest is cooling (slightly), make a lemon vinaigrette: 1/8 cup olive oil, 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, 1/2 tsp minced garlic, 1tbsp chopped fresh herbs (I used chives and thyme) & S&P to taste.
Plate: spread the spinach all over a plate. Put the salmon in the middle (discard lemon slices) and the green beans, cut-up potatoes (oh yeah, cut up the potatoes into small wedges...and the egg, too), and egg around it. At this point, you could also add black olives or tomatoes or whatever. Drizzle the vinaigrette all over, let stand for a few minutes (like 10) and serve.

Was their really ever any doubt that I would finish L.A. Candy is just over a day? Reading books like that is like eating McDs: You know it is bad for you while consuming it, but still there is just something so good about it that you can't stop. And when its over, you feel a bit sick and can't believe you read/ate all that at once...but you know that very soon, that undeniable craving for fast food reading will creep up again. And lucky for me, LC left such a cliffhanger (duh, duh, DUHHHH) that I know I will get to go back for seconds of L.A. Candy. And for those of you judging us fast food readers right now, remember this: women who real Harlequin romances on average read about a book a week. How many books to you read a week? A month?

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