Friday, July 31, 2009

96 Days to NYC

3 miles with Roz. Woo Hoo! She's back! I am glad she had a nice visit with her sister from Calgary, but I am even more glad my running buddy is back on track. Running without Roz for almost a week after 3 weeks of running together has shown me how much it helps to have a running buddy; it forces me to run faster and is a double stress-relief through both the talking and running. And I think we both felt that the big hill wasn't feeling so big anymore. Maybe next week we will try two hills...

I don't know why but I really felt like making lettuce wraps so I found this recipe from a fellow blogger:


I substituted the pork for chicken, included more veggies, like well-chopped bok choy, and added in a cornstarch & water mixture (1/4 cup water to 1 tbsp cornstarch...mix well & add to stirfry) to thicken the sauce. It was very good. And anytime my kids eat a meal that is "some assembly required", they are loving it. I served it with a side of stir-fried brown rice made by Janeth, the wonder-nanny.

Loving Farm City and I figured out why. Most memoirs are these harrowing tales of terrible childhoods and overcoming great adversity, but Novella Carpenter (what a perfect name for the author of this book) doesn't ever complain or try to pull that woe-is-me crap. Instead she leaves her reader feeling uplifted and encouraged that there is good in the world and we are left wanting to be her best friend because she is super-cool and not because we feel sorry for her. As I left off last night, she was vowing to only eat what she could grow for one month. That means no coffee, salt, chocolate, etc... Will she make it? Tune in tomorrow.

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